1. Name : Mike Bags Bowman

2. Age: 25

3. Current occupation + Dream occupation : Professional student for both!

4. Whats your mo’s name? : Woo Woo Woo

5. Do you have any secrets/tricks for growing a mo? : Before I go to bed every night I lather it down with peanut butter. It promotes growth and wellness…Plus I love the smell.

6. Whats your Mo Story (Whats driving you this Movember)?: I want to find the cure to help out my man Goose who’s at risk. Scares me to think of fellow mo bros being at risk.

7. Why should people donate to your page? : I love growing a mustache so much and the fact that I can raise awareness for mens health through my stache is just wonderful. Come November 21st (ish) my stashe will be full and healthy. And you better believe I will be a light beacon for mens health. Any one who gives me the double look or laughs at me is in danger of me laying down the law of mens health. Lets do this!

Donate to the Bags this Movember so he can help out find a cure! Click here!


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