1. Name : Disco

2. Age : 28

3. Current Job + Dream job : Graphic Designer/Budding entrepreneur. I’d like to be a retired Nuclear Submarine Engineer like my good friend Goose because he’s rad.

4. What is your mo’s name? Charlie Chaplin

5. Do you have any tricks/secrets to growing a mo? As P Diddy would say: “Mo Money, Mo Filthy”. Kiss goodbye to dignity.


6. Whats your Mo Story (Whats driving you this Movember)? I don’t mind looking like an idiot at the best of times and this cause actually gets people to pay money to watch me do it.

7. Why should people donate to your Mo?

Support a Bro, it’s the Disco Show,
So give some Dough to help me Grow,
Many days to Go, so you should all Know,
I’ll be the Pro with the most glorious Mo.

Feel the Mo, Love the Mo, Be the Mo.

Donate to Discos rhyming mo this Movember!! Click here!!


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