1. Name : Noobz

2. Age : 22

3. Current job + dream job : College Student and  stay at home dad!!

4. Whats your mo’s name? Chazz

5. Do you have any tricks/secrets with your mustache? I can take a bite out of a cheeseburger and have some of the left-overs get stuck in my stache. Then I eat it later.

6. Whats your mo story (Whats driving you this Movember)? Every man secretly wants to rock the stache. And this is my month to do the manly thing for the manly reason. Plus I gotta lotta mo bros.

7. Why should people donate to your mo? Cuz I’m growing up and the hair above my lip is darker than it was last year.

Donate to La Noubas cheeseburger lovin mo here!! 


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