1. Name : Lotso

2. Age : 23

3. Current job + dream job : Student teacher – Train driver

4. Whats your mo’s name? Some people call it the space cowboy. Some call it the gangster of love. I just call it MOUrice.

5. Do you have any secrets/tricks for growing a mo? Motivation talks in the morning always seem to perk it up.

6. Whats your mo story (whats driving you this Movember)? Although i love students laughing, pointing and asking questions about this 5 O’ Clock shadow that is appearing over my top lip, i’m not doing it for that kind of attention. I’m doing it so i can raise whatever money possible to put towards a great cause. If i can get some conversation out of it and raise the awareness of men’s health issues then it’s done its job.
7. Why should people donate to your mo? Being a trainee teacher is tough enough at times. Doing it whilst growing a MO can be downright difficult. Trying to grow a mix and match ginger tache – this month may just brake me!!!

Support Lotsos quest to teach the world about Movember!! Click Here!!


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