1. Name : Simon “Maui” Cundall

2. Age : 29 years young

3. Current occupation + Dream occupation : Wonder Valley Family Camp Director and River Way’s Senior Boys Division Leader! Dream job is to be the GM of the Los Angeles Clippers! Clippernation!!!

4. Whats your mo’s name? Meatloaf

5. Do you have any secrets/tricks for growing a mo? Watching the Clippers, fantasy football and lemonade!

6. Whats your Mo Story (Whats driving you this Movember)?

I have learnt to much in the last year about the health risks and challenges that face males. This Movember I want to lead the River Way team to raise as much money and awareness as we can. I want to let guys know that its ok to talk about feelings and sensitive issues and that being a man is more than just being strong. My goal this Movember is to raise awareness and funds for mens health, and my focus is to be a good friend to my bro’s and to help fight depression in young men.

7. Why should people donate to your page? If you know a male, Movember is fighting for them. The cause is too big not to donate, this money goes to saving the lives of sons, brothers, fathers and grandfathers world wide. Literally mankind! Please get behind us this Movember!

Donate to Maui’s Movember efforts.  Movember saves lives! CLICK HERE!


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