1. Name : Spike

2. Age : 22 yrs strong

3. Current job + dream job : Student/Director of a student run organization C.A.V.E! Dream: Start up own Non-Profit with Michael Jordan!

4. Whats your mo’s name? Senor Hefe Caliente

5. Do you have any tricks/secrets for growing a mo?A mustician never reveals his secrets 😉;)

6. Whats your mo story (whats driving you this Movember)? To raise awareness and educate people on prostate cancer and mens health, also to let men know that it is ok to speak about health concerns and to routinely get checked at the proper age. I just love to help where ever I can.

7. Why should people donate to you? I hope people may donate to the cause because everyone should have the opportunity to receive help and aid from those more fortunate than others. Mens health doesn’t get recognized as much as other health issues affecting the world today, and because of Movember’s efforts, it is now starting to spread worldwide and we need your help to keep the momentum going!

Click here to donate to volunteer charity extrodinaire man Spike here!!


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